AX:OM Design Lab : About
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The increasing advancement of digital technologies and methods of fabrication have significantly changed the way architecture is designed and made. The tools that architects use influence design outcomes and inevitably establish limits of the architecture we create.  As experimental design lab, AX:OM investigates the relationship between technical innovation and architectural design and debates new ways of conception, communication and fabrication of architecture in the post digital age.


It is against this background that AX:OM provides a platform for professionals and students in the design disciplines to explore new technologies and challenge their understanding of how to think about genesis of form, tectonics and space while implementing their computational skills. Besides our programme of workshops and masterclasses, we also offer private training for companies, groups and individuals according to the needs and the field within which they operate. We want to embrace the digital change educating towards innovation, new tools are not just for making but for thinking.


We also offer our expertise to support companies, professionals and students from all the industries with 3D modeling and fabrication.