Portraying Unbuilt Architecture - Arcitectural Visualization
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Portraying Unbuilt Architecture


Online Advanced Postproduction Workshop taught by Secchi Smith Studio


Post production is a powerful tool which allows the artist to take the images to a higher level of communication, something that goes beyond the technicality of the 3D software. It’s essential, now more than ever, to understand how to diversify one’s work, make it unique, not necessarily photorealistic, but able to communicate a very strong message.


During the course we will talk about how Narrative and Atmosphere are extremely important to emphasize the main character of the image: the Design.

The course will cover all the principles of Image Making, starting from composition and light. In addition to theory, the students will be given multiple practical exercises to really understand every aspect of the process, from adjustments of colours and tones, enhancing textures, matte painting, context photography, placement of people and much more. After two days of learning techniques through live tutorials and examples students will work on a personal project with the tutor mentorship and supervision.


This is an advanced course, meaning basic Adobe Photoshop knowledge is required (interface structure and commands), as well as knowledge of at least one 3D software/render engine of choice. The course is open to anyone interested in improving their skills in image making with the aim to take their work to the next level.


07-11 November 2020


  • 24 hours of live sessions
  • final individual review
  • chat support


Live sessions will run from 09:30 to 6:30 GMT with one our of lunch break

Day 1


Live Tutorials and Practice (8h)


  • Introduction to Secchi Smith – who we are and what we do
  • Introduction to professional workflow of postproduction
  • The fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop
  • Practice based live tutorials
  • Sky replacement, atmosphere and light
  • Photo matching
  • Use of landscape and vegetation
  • Update a PS file if the 3D changes

Day 2 


Live Tutorials and Practice (8h)


  • Practice based live tutorials
  • Cut-out techniques
  • Use of characters and activities
  • Smoke, snow, rain and other Fx
  • Creation of exterior and interior drafts
  • Tweaking images (mood, season etc)
  • Review and comments on the images

Day 3-4 


Offline Practice


Project development. The participants will work autonomously, the tutor will be available for questions and clarifications through chat. All participants will be provided with the necessary assets to produce high quality images.

Day 5


Live Tutorials and Practice (8h)


  • Images Finalisation
  • Review and comments



The workshop is hosted on Zoom and is limited to 20 participants




The tutors also speak Italian



Adobe Photoshop

Participants will need to have their own laptops with software installed. A second screen is suggested.



The tutorials are intermediate and advanced level.

Good Adobe Photoshop knowledge is required (interface structure and commands), as well as knowledge of at least one 3D software / render engine of choice.



Early registration (first 5 applicants) // SOLD OUT



Regular registration*



* Group registration of 3 or more people will get a 10% discount – on regular registration only.


* Students from the University of Florence and previous AXiOM students will get a 10% discount – on regular registration only.


Secchi Smith is an Architecture Visualisation studio based in London.



“As Artists we help Architects portray their unbuilt ideas. The most difficult element in creating beautiful imagery is to understand the power of simplicity.”

“Our investigation of light, composition, colour, materiality, atmosphere and narrative are all fundamental aspects of our process. The balance of these components organically leads to well considered “moments” where the Architecture is cemented as part of a story.”


Lucia Frascerra is an architectural visualizer, born in Livorno (Italy) in 1988.
From childhood, it became immediately evident that her passion for art and drawing would take her to attend art school, resulting in her graduation summa cum laude from the School of Architecture at the University of Florence. Her career started in 2015 when she moved to London. There she worked for some of the most influent studios in the Industry such as DBOX, Cityscape Digital and Secchi Smith.


Her personal work was nominated in the CGArchitect’s 3D Awards 2015, gained a 1st Award in the Evermotion Challenge 2015, a Honorable Mention in the Project Soane Competition 2016 and it was also featured in “Great talks About Photorealism”, a book by Bogdan Sasu. Between 2016 and 2019 Lucia had the honour to be speaker at multiple CG and Archviz events like the Architectural Visualization Day 2016 in Goteborg, the UY!CG conference 2018 in Montevideo and D2 Conferences 2019 in Vienna.
Today Lucia works in London for Secchi Smith as Senior Visualisation Artist and she is post-production teacher at the Master in Digital Architecture (MADI) at the University of Venice (IUAV).